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Sell on Amazon

Seller Training

For over 10-years our team of dedicated experts has been teaching sellers how to set-up a successful marketplace account and create top-notch product listings, all while following Amazon’s specified guidelines and rules.

This seller training opportunity is ideal for companies who have the overhead (time and employees) to oversee their own account on a daily basis but need straightforward, step-by-step guidance to set-up and maintain their product listings on Amazon. Knowing that Amazon is always evolving, our experts can help to provide accurate and reliable information as it pertains to what Amazon is expecting from sellers today.

Sell on Amazon

Launch And Grow

Our goal is to provide straightforward and easy to digest training sessions with your team that effectively will help launch, grow and protect your brand on Amazon. When training with our seasoned staff you will be provided with:

  • Helpful tools and guidance to navigate your Amazon account
  • Resources and information to use and reference after the training is complete
  • Advice that will help your team develop strategies that will best suit your business and grow your sales


Gain access to a dedicated training team of real people who are available to provide you with answers to your
selling questions. Are you interested in learning more? Send us a message.

Why Seller Training is

Valuable To Your Business?

Save Time

We can teach your staff to manoeuvre through Amazon’s complex system in less time that it would take you to learn on your own.

Gain Reliable Information

Amazon is constantly evolving and growing - and we are constantly learning so we can share the most up-to-date information with you and your team.

Grow Your Business

Once you have your account set-up correctly and have learned how to maintain your business on online, you'll be equipped to independently maintain and grow your business on the world's largest e-Commerce marketplace.

Training Sessions We Offer

Getting Started

Setting up your account and understanding your seller dashboard

Product Listings

Setting up your product listings correctly and implementing key optimization strategies


Understanding and setting up FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or self-fulfillment options

Advertising Strategies

Setting up and monitoring campaigns to increase sales and build brand awareness

Protecting Your Brand

How to protect your account from listing suppression, suspension and unauthorized sellers

Enhanced Content

Go above and beyond your standard product listings with A+ Content and a Brand Store


Learn what pictures to take and how, as well as best practices

Customer Service

Best practices for staying on top of customer inquiries


The best ways to get honest feedback for new and established products

What Can You Expect From Our
High-Level Training Program?

  • Improved product ranking and increased exposure to potential customers.
  • A thorough understanding of Amazon's rules and how to avoid unnecessary fees or fines due to Terms of Service violations.
  • The confidence to proactively manage and maintain your seller account.
  • The knowledge to properly set-up your account, as well as product listings, in order to avoid listing shutdowns or account suspensions.